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Eastern Canada By Road

Diane Gadd takes us on a camping road trip across eastern Canada. Traveling from Ontario through Quebec, into New Brunswick, over the Confederation Bridge to PEI and by ferry across to Nova Scotia.

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By Szilvia Paradi


July 10, 2020 - Today is the day!  A much-anticipated trip to the Sunshine Coast to visit Catherine’s hometown and base for Tours of Exploration in Gibsons.  I made sure that I had packed for all conditions – ticking off my camera, hikers, sunscreen, a baseball hat, rain-jacket, and of course, travel snacks from my list.  

Ferry-travel between British Columbia’s coastal regions during the COVID-19 pandemic is not unpopular – each ferry I boarded was quite full of passengers. 

If you travel in Guyana, expect to encounter a number of European languages. This reflects the many conquests won and lost and regained as the Spanish, French, English, Dutch, and Portuguese battled for domination over this pocket of Northern South America. The farther off the beaten-path you go, the more the likelihood you will come into linguistic contact with any of the four main earlier inhabitants; namely the Warraus, Arawaks, Wapisianas and Caribs.

By Peggy Wright

I had heard about the “Shongololo Express” for years and the image it conjured up was immensely compelling ... “old world” rail travel through Africa ...

I am beginning to prepare for a Fall overland trip to Parque Nacional de Manu, a remote Amazon post in Peru. I will journey from Cusco down through Andean cloud forests and into the pristine tropical jungles of the Manu Biosphere.

It is hard to remember when my fascination with New World Archaeology began. I can recall my visit to the Yucatan Peninsula in the 1980’s and my first glimpse of El Castillo, Chitchen Itza. 

by Catherine Evans

There are events in life that create such an impact that you change your whole way of being and thinking. Such was the case when I first set foot on the island of Bali some 30 years ago.

To say I was excited about travelling to the Galapagos would be an understatement. I am certain I could actually feel the blood flowing through my veins as the LATAM Airline descended over a turquoise sea heading towards a flat earthen landing strip on Baltra Island.

Builders of the railroad to Churchill Manitoba probably had no idea that their new grain shipping port, which provided a link from the Prairies to the Arctic Ocean, lay just 40 km north of the world’s largest polar bear denning area. For millennia, the Arctic’s most iconic mammal has come ashore along the western coastline of Hudson Bay to wait out the time until the ice freezes again so that they may begin their annual seal hunt.

Ask any Ecuadorian and they will tell you that Cuenca is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Ecuador. Known for its colonial style, historical centre and natural surroundings, Cuenca is a place where you can spend days wandering the streets, exploring the riverbanks, and relaxing at one of the many beautiful coffee shops.

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